Overhead Racks

Garage Therapy overhead storage racks are the best way to organize and store bulky seasonal items that need to be kept in the garage. Items like patio furniture, winter tires, storage bins, and sporting equipment can be placed in overhead storage racks to maximize your underutilized garage ceiling space.

Overhead storage rack features:

  • heavy gauge steel construction allows up to 600 lbs to be safely supported

  • powder coated paint finish for a long life

  • each rack adjusts in height (up to 45 inches)

  • 2x8, 3x6, 3x8, 4x4, 4x6, and 4x8 (feet) sizes available

  • storage racks can be adjusted for unique spaces as well


Garage Storage To Keep You Organized

Are you looking to transform the perpetually cluttered state of your garage? With modular storage or custom-fit cabinet systems, Garage Therapy can help you succeed in getting your garage organized and much more functional. There are a multitude of colour, style, and component design combinations to choose from to fit your exact needs and tastes. All of our cabinet systems are strongly built with high quality materials to withstand the rigours of the garage. That sturdy construction also comes sleekly designed, enhancing the aesthetic value of your garage.

Compare Garage Therapy different lines of garage storage cabinets today for the system that’s right for you.

Slatwall Installation

During installation, Garage Therapy will cut the slatwall panels to accommodate light switches, receptacles, conduit pipe, and any obstruction on the walls. Our installers also scribe and cut the panels to account for the slope of a garage floor or unevenness in the ceiling.

Finishing touches include color-matched screws and trim for ends, corners, and any gaps between panels. The end result is a dramatic improvement over the average garage that typically has unfinished drywall.

Slatwall panel features:

  • installs onto bare studs, unfinished/finished drywall, and concrete

  • industrial rigid cellular PVC construction

  • load capacity of 40 lbs/sq in

  • 6 colors to choose from

  • over 40 accessories available (hooks, shelves, brackets, and bins)

  • panel sizes are 96"W x 12"H x 5/8"D

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